Vincent Zhao (China)

I chose this course because I wanted to improve my speaking and I can tell you this is the best teacher.

I am Vincent from China. I am a customer service manager of an airline in Australia. 

I use English every day. Developing excellent English pronunciation will offer you benefits such as a better expression in every conversation with clients and more fluent speech at events. In addition, you will be a more persuasive negotiator. 

Daniel has been an expert at fixing Chinese pronunciation issues for 20 years. I enjoyed the lessons and became more confident speaking English. 

Learning Business English from Daniel is a long-term investment, but you can see your return in a short time.

Harry Karapiperis (Greece)

Daniel worked with me for a few months on my fluency and pronunciation issues. 

In addition, he focussed on analysing my grammatical errors, categorising them and providing me with exercises to eliminate them one at a time. 

Not only did I learn a lot from him, I had a good time during the sessions.

Diana Garcia (Colombia)

Dedication, commitment and genuine understanding are the attributes that come to mind when I think of Daniel’s coaching style. 

I had the privilege of working with him towards achieving my spoken English goals. 

Daniel’s commitment to working with me in achieving my goals in a short timeframe was remarkable. 

His ability to identify areas needing improvement while making a connection to my mother tongue and recognizing my learning style is exceptional. 

I would consider this teacher if you want to take your English skills to the next level.

Sophia Yang (China)

I’ve participated in this useful and helpful online English course (Business English Fluency) and I have to say that it is worthwhile. 

Daniel is a knowledgeable, responsible and kind teacher.

I have always been struggling with my pronunciation and tried many ways to improve it, however, nothing worked.

After classes with Daniel, now I compare my speaking skills to the past, and to be honest, I have made huge progress and have more confidence communicating with native speakers.

If you want to improve your oral speaking skills and be more natural and fluent, I highly recommend you work with Daniel, who has extensive English teaching experience.

Roberto Antinogene (Italy)

I met Daniel a few years ago and his classes were fantastic. 

In a short period of time, my English improved significantly and I started to feel more confident in conversations as a non-native speaker. 

Daniel’s approach is practical and direct.  The tips and exercises he gives you are made to be put in practice in everyday situations.  I could tell he had many years of experience. 

Every class was fun and energetic.  His objective is to let you feel more confident and let you progress with exercises and practice tailored to your own level and goals. 

I couldn’t recommend him enough!

Ellen Lee (South Korea)

The Business English Fluency lessons help me speak more naturally. 

Daniel quickly discovers what I need to learn. 

I can use useful expressions and I can improve my pronunciation of sounds which are tricky for me. 

I always look forward to having lessons with him.

Ivan Martinez Martinez (Spain)

I have had the fortune to be taught by Daniel in a Business English Course.

I had been learning English since I was a kid, but my level was not good enough to move up to positions of high responsibility until I signed on to Daniel´s English Course.

I highly recommend Daniel for the learning experience, the advice, and the didactics. 

If you are committed to improving your English, trust in Daniel.

Yoonil Kim (South Korea)

If someone wants to speak more like a native speaker, the Business English Fluency course is perfect. 

Daniel can easily correct my errors and always focusses on improving my spoken English.

That is what I want because I need to speak English more fluently. 

This English course is suitable for business people.

Kelly Isaza (Colombia)

When I started to work for a global company, my English was not fully proficient.

I needed to quickly improve my communication skills and Daniel was the person who helped me to achieve this goal.

His experience, methodology and focus on conversational skills helped me to improve my pronunciation, fluency and listening abilities, which allowed me to gain the confidence needed for interacting with colleagues and customers not just from Australia, but around the world.

Jung-Hee Cho (South Korea)

Daniel has been helping me to learn more business expressions and to improve my pronunciation. 

If you would like to get better at English, I recommend him. 

He knows what to teach and how to do it. 

Silvia Ortega (Colombia)

I arrived in Australia in 2017 and in 2018 I realised that I needed to improve my English to find a better job. 

Daniel helped me a lot to improve my English and thanks to him, I became confident. 

As a result, I have a great position in my workplace and my life has become terrific. 

Nowadays, when I speak with my clients, I feel self-assured. 

Thank you, Daniel.

Jay Park (South Korea)

You can learn not only English skills, but also business manners so you know what is suitable for an actual business situation.

Asad Mohammadi (Iran)

I had the pleasure of being taught by Daniel, who focussed on my spoken English. 

I wanted to improve my oral fluency and pronunciation in my current role. 

Every day I have to speak fluently and clearly with a lot of internal and external stakeholders to promote and explain the analytical products which my team develops. 

Being able to use English words correctly and eloquently is a vital factor to achieve success in my career. 

Learning English from Daniel was a valuable and worthwhile learning experience for me and I highly recommend it to anyone who needs to boost his/her fluency and accuracy in a work environment.

Wasa Thawornsate (Thailand)

For a non-native English speaker like me, what Daniel taught me about speaking and pronunciation helped me improve my communication at work very much. 

People can understand me more and that means I can do any presentation or public speaking at work without a worry.

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