April French

April French
North Melbourne Member
In the last 12 months I have lost 40kg+. Take a moment to put that in perspective, that is the check-in luggage of two airplane travellers!

The first step was making the mental commitment to myself to complete the process, the second step was finding the right people to assist me along the way. Equilibrium Health and Fitness have played an enormous role in my transformation.

When I first walked through the doors I was unhappy with my body and my life, obese and tired all the time. I originally popped in one night after work to try Zumba and I loved it, but not the me I saw in the full-length mirrors!

It was at that moment I realised how much I had been in denial about my body and the lifestyle that was killing me. I joined Equilibrium the next week.

Despite my physical condition and lack of fitness, not once did I feel uncomfortable training at Equilibrium.

Equilibrium offers a friendly, personalised environment where all the staff and trainers know your name and take an interest in you and your progress. As I gradually lost the weight on my journey to becoming fitter, stronger and healthier I received encouragement and acknowledgement of the changes I had made and the difference in not only my physical appearance, but also the confidence I was gaining in the process.

12 months seemed a long time at the start, but once you begin to make progress time becomes less important and it is the results that you focus on and celebrate: the drop in clothing sizes, the extra energy, how much easier it is to walk up stairs or run for the train!

My life has changed so much in 12 months, with the assistance and advice of Equilibrium, that I am currently studying to become a personal trainer and pay forward the help I received.