Personal Trainer
North Melbourne
Michelle Hilborne
Personal Trainer
Michelle joined Equilibrium from Buckinghamshire, England in 2001 and has established herself in a range of different sports including being squad captain and coach in netball and a gold medallist in youth Judo.

Michelle keeps fit in the pool and the gym area as well as yoga. Michelle promises to provide the motivation, inspiration and FUN!!

“I am very enthusiastic about diet and nutrition in order to help people achieve the results they desire. In addition I have the knowledge and determination to push you to your maximum so both client and I receive all round satisfaction.”

“I will provide the results – teaching you to be healthier, happier and more physically fit for life”

Certificate 3 – Fitness Essentials
Certificate 4 – Personal Training
Systemized Personal Trainer
Systemized Cardio Sessions
Council of The Aging – Living Longer, Living Stronger
All-Stars Boxing for Fitness Professionals
Fitness Victoria Registered
Senior First Aid

Motivational Quote: ‘Wisdom is to the soul what health is to the body.’